Commercial Buildings


8% of New Zealand’s total electrical connections are commercial customers, yet these connections account for approximately 25% of New Zealand’s total energy use, making the commercial sector one of the largest users of electricity.

Studies in both New Zealand and around the world have shown that typical energy savings of 2% – 20% can be achieved through implementing a smart monitoring system alone, with average energy savings of just over 10% being achieved.  In some standout cases, energy savings of up to 50% have been achieved.

In recognition of this opportunity, Energy NZ has partnered with the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) to offer a comprehensive part-funded Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Programme which is aimed at identifying energy efficiency opportunities, then ensuring that they are achieved and maximised through sophisticated monitoring systems and expert consultation. Energy NZ can offer a free no-obligation assessment of your site, giving you a zero-risk overview of potential opportunities within your building.

As a recognised EECA programme partner, Energy NZ is able to offer EECA subsidies for our commercial building energy efficiency services.  A commercial building energy efficiency project grant from EECA could fund up to 40% of the cost to help your project ‘over the line’, with further funding of up to 40% available for the implementation of initiatives identified through this service.

Energy NZ is not an equipment supplier and we therefore offer a 100% objective assessment, allowing for the most cost-effective solutions to your site’s needs.  In many cases, large energy savings can be achieved through little to no capital expenditure.