ISO 50001 Energy Management

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard is an internationally recognised framework for continuous improvement in organisational energy efficiency. It is designed for easy integration with other ISO standards for environmental and quality management.

The ISO 50001 continuous improvement model ensures that efficiency improvements are properly planned and implemented, then savings verified for effectiveness and accuracy before further actions are taken. This strategy not only maximises potential savings, but also improves buy-in from management by demonstrating real financial benefits from efficiency projects.

Energy NZ can assist organisations in ISO 50001 adherence, including:

  • Construction and integration of an Energy Management Policy
  • Measuring Energy Performance Indicators and establishing benchmarking and performance targets
  • Identifying initiatives for potential energy savings
  • Monitoring and verifying achieved savings
  • Reporting on achievements and ongoing performance improvements
  • Overseeing continuous improvement cycles as processes and technologies improve