Energy Monitoring & Targeting

Ever wondered where your energy is getting used? Our Energy Monitoring & Targeting Programme, which first begins with a base-level or in-depth energy assessment, can quickly answer this question as well as identify key areas where energy saving potential lies.

After this energy assessment, Energy NZ will install an easy-to-use energy monitoring and reporting system so energy usage can be tracked across your site, providing detailed analysis of energy use at your facility.  This information, combined with the energy assessment, delivers a powerful tool to make real energy savings.

Finally, to ensure energy savings targets are met, Energy NZ will provide ongoing reporting for a period of two years, outlining the facility’s energy use and comparing it with the energy intensity targets set, as well as providing energy advisory services where and when required.

As Energy NZ is a recognised EECA programme partner, we can also assist with all Government programme funding options and therefore provide a truly cost-effective service.

Programme Details

Energy NZ’s Energy Monitoring & Targeting Programme consists of three parts;

1. Base-Level or In-depth Energy Assessment

  • Data collection and system check to identify areas of both long-term and immediate energy saving potential
  • Report produced, including identification of system efficiency improvements and setting of energy intensity targets

2. Installation of a Smart Monitoring System

  • Smart monitoring system which provides up-to-date energy use, energy cost and CO2 emission data for your facility
  • A breakdown of the facility’s energy use, including but not limited to compressed air, thermal systems, lighting, machinery, refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Optional weather station information, providing degree-day benchmarking of your facility
  • Optional SMS text and/or email alarms for abnormal energy use such as overnight loads or high peak demand

3. Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

  • Ongoing energy monitoring and reporting service for a period of 24 months
  • Quarterly reports showing the performance of the facility with respect to set targets, as well as containing updates on initiatives implemented, work currently being undertaken and work yet to be done

As a recognised EECA programme partner, Energy NZ is able to offer EECA subsidies for our Energy Monitoring & Targeting Programme.  A Project Grant from EECA could fund up to 40% of the cost to help your project ‘over the line’.