Energy Metering

Energy NZ supplies and installs a range electrical and power quality metering systems as well as flow metering for gas, fluid fuels, water, compressed air and steam. We represent some the world’s leading meter manufactures and provide turn-key metering solutions along with local backup and support.

Combined with our New Zealand developed web-based metering platform, Energy NZ can provide the most powerful and flexible metering solution available.

Energy NZ’s metering solutions comprise of: 

  • Energy Management - metering of all utilities including electricity, gas, water, compressed air and steam for identifying and verifying all energy savings.
  • Power Quality - measurement of voltage, current, kW, kVA, kVAr, power factor, displacement factor, flicker, harmonics and advanced waveform capture for voltage sags and swells. 
  • Sub & Tennant Metering - sub-metering and billing systems of electricity, gas and water for buildings and appartments