NABERSNZ™ Assessments and Ratings

Commercial buildings use 21 percent of New Zealand’s electricity, costing business $800 million every year. NABERSNZ™ is a tool to rate and demonstrate the energy efficiency of New Zealand’s office buildings.

A NABERSNZ Certified Rating gives a star rating, from 0 to 6, that clearly shows your building’s energy performance compared to others. This compares the building’s climate region, energy inputs, floor/building size, occupancy rates and services to give a fair and repeatable performance score.

There are three kinds of rating;

  • Base building
  • Tenancy
  • Whole building

A base building rating measures the energy performance of a building’s core services only— lifts, stairwell lighting, common toilets, air conditioning and ventilation, etc.

A tenancy rating measures just the floors/areas occupied exclusively by the tenant, including energy use such as computers, lighting, data centres, and staff kitchens.

A whole building rating combines base building and tenancy for a complete overall performance picture

With a commitment to always have NABERSNZ assessors on our staff, Energy NZ can enhance the value of your building by providing a certified rating for your building or tenancy space today.