Outpost Central

Tiny and robust remote monitoring hardware that can be installed anywhere in the world. Like under a footy field.

Energy NZ has access to a world leading solution for connecting your remote meters and sensors to the cloud - Outpost Central.  Some key features include:

  • Compact - they are simple to i nstall and connect to most industry standard meters and sensors so you can collect information from remote places.  The devices are waterproof and either have long life internal batteries or rechargeable via a solar panel.
  • Global Network - they can connect to global cellular networks like 3G and GPRS or even satellites when you are out of coverage.  Collect information form your meters and sensors no matter where they are in the world - from cities to remote farms and mines.
  • Web Dashboard - you can display data via online grapsh, reports or interface your data with your own systems.  
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