Thermal Imaging Surveys

Energy NZ’s Thermal Imaging Risk Management Service provides our clients with peace of mind when it comes to managing the risk associated with electrical and mechanical equipment malfunctions which can lead to fire, production downtime, increased energy costs and potential health and safety issues for staff and the general public.

Assessing these risks is undertaken by Energy NZ’s certified thermographers using the latest Infrared Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound and Power Quality Analysing equipment.

All identified risks are presented to our clients in professional reports which diagnose all reported anomalies and make recommendations to rectify. In cases where significant heat energy losses are identified, energy losses and costs are also calculated.

For contracted clients, all reported faults and reports are uploaded to Energy NZ’s web-based Risk Management Reporting Tool.

No production downtime or equipment shutdown is required during Energy NZ’s electrical or mechanical thermography inspections as all infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound equipment is operated at a typical distance of one metre from the equipment being surveyed.


View Your Faults Online


Energy NZ’s Risk Management Reporting Tool is an online service which allows clients to:

  • View and download current and historical thermography reports
  • View faults and enter corrective actions undertaken
  • Track what corrective actions have been undertaken to resolve reported faults and by whom
  • Search faults by risk rating, location, device, or equipment type


These features enable our clients to have online access to a database of reported faults where users can view any actions that may have been taken to resolve reported anomalies and if so, by whom.


Multiple actions can be entered against a reported fault if the initial corrective measures undertaken have not been successful. This can be a useful feature when other similar future faults occur.


Having the ability to search faults by location, device, or equipment type gives clients a clearer understanding of where the greatest risks are and how to reduce recurring problems and future risks.


Energy NZ’s online Risk Management Reporting Tool is regarded as best practice by all large building and plant insurance companies as access to reports, faults and the corrective measures undertaken can be accessed online during insurance audits and renewals.


For large organisations with multiple sites, corporate users can view all sites for any past or present reported faults / reports and whether corrective measures have been undertaken.